We have been in knife market since 2008 (BestBlades webshop) and started our own knife brand in 2013 (CKF, Custom Knife Factory).

We work and have collabs with many foreign designers: Rotten Design, Bob Terzuola, Anthony Marfione, Peter Rassenti, Tashi Bharucha, Philippe Jourget, Tuff Knives, SNECX, Matthew Christensen, Gavko Knives, Kombou, Jake Hoback, Anton Malyshev, Alexey Konygin, David Lespect, Pavel Poznyakov, Allen Elishewitz, Nalu Boersma, Jens Anso.

All our knives are different. Limited. Numbered. People say we make one of the best production/customized folding knives and EDC stuff in the World. And we are still small family business.

In August 2021, we opened BestBlades.EU in Europe (Slovakia) by the numerous requests of our European Clients. Our products have become closer to Customers, delivery and payment are faster and more convenient.


Thank you for supporting us!

With respect,

Mike Kulygin, Owner

Company info.

Name: BestBlades.EU (Bestblades s.r.o.)

ICO: 53 611 713

DIC: 2121479294

Address: Timravina 3, Bratislava - mestská časť Staré mesto 811 06